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The last working version
Dear users/supporters!

We had a very exciting year behind us. (it was more than a year, actually Tongue ) All we learned a lot about this game. This tool (FoErmer bot), I think, could help anybody who used it, and made a little speed up to gamer's playing process.

I'm very sorry that I cannot achieve and make come true my progress promises as I have reached a very important milestone in my life and I cannot maintain this project anymore.
I've fixed the bot to be ready to latest (1.119) game version for one last time, but after you run out your license time, you will not able to renew it as I disabled the buying options in website too.

If any of you want, I can renew the license for one month more, but THERE IS NO ANY GARANTIE that bot will work if the game gets a new update, and I will not able to pay back the money, its costs. You can find me at for this request.

Anyway, I'd like to thank you all your support, patience and kind words during this voyage, and wish you all the best in the future!

Pex - developer of FoErmer bot

[Image: ms_logo.png]

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