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FoErmer bot will change in 2018!
Hey guys. It was an exciting year, was it? Smile 
Sorry, nowadays I didn't do much upgrade on the bot. The past 3 month were very difficult in my life, and will be at least 2 month further. I'm about to change my job, and this would be hard for anybody.

However, I didn't forget my fellow botter community, and there will be huge changing about the bot. Price changes will be imminent, and I will delete the partial version.
There will be 2 versions, the trial, and the full featured.

About the price. As I planned, from this year bot will be €5.99.

Slowly, I'm back on the track, and you expecting cool features afterward. The most important as I introduced, the Action Builder with a nice user friendly GUI with easy to use.
I hope this bot will be even greater than before, and hopefully, it will allow you to play with a nice tool without less or none ban at all in the future.

See you, and Happy New Year!

[Image: ms_logo.png]
Cant wait to see it. hope its soon!

I cant use it now but once new features are in place I will restart usage!
When is this happening? my license runs out in 2 days Smile
(2018-01-05, 12:29 AM)NovaBot Wrote: When is this happening? my license runs out in 2 days Smile

New price will be active in 8-14 days, as I have free time. Also I need to update the website too, etc, etc.
Then I will work on the new update, trying as fast as I can. There is no ETA.

[Image: ms_logo.png]
Anything happening with this?
Is it dead?
(2018-03-02, 04:38 AM)einsteins Wrote: Anything happening with this?
Is it dead?

Yep, sadly. It's dead. ----->

[Image: ms_logo.png]

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