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Collecting the reward, or completing a quest
I find myself on the recurring quests now that I have completed all of the main line quests for my era.
This means I often choose to do the same quest over an over where there is a good random reward.
The quest I choose to do is collecting x production for example, but it could be coins - I know I will complete this quest a couple of times easily in 24hrs, but it does depend on how often the bot logs in.

The problem I am finding - and its just a 3rd world problem Smile, is that I need to log in (making sure the bot isn't about to run) and then check to see if the quest is complete.
When it is complete I collect the reward, and then I cancel all the recurring quests till I get back to the same quest so I can start to complete it again.
Then I might log in after another 4 hours to check if the quest is complete again so I can collect it.

I think the simplest task, is always just to collect the reward or accept the prompt that the quest has been completed.

Is this possible?

Yes it's possible, but as you could see nawadays, because of bans, I need to implement an bot's action Randomizator first.

[Image: ms_logo.png]
Yes, hiding the bot is most important.

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