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Exclamation The last working version
Posted by: admin - 2018-02-06, 11:28 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

Dear users/supporters!

We had a very exciting year behind us. (it was more than a year, actually Tongue ) All we learned a lot about this game. This tool (FoErmer bot), I think, could help anybody who used it, and made a little speed up to gamer's playing process.

I'm very sorry that I cannot achieve and make come true my progress promises as I have reached a very important milestone in my life and I cannot maintain this project anymore.
I've fixed the bot to be ready to latest (1.119) game version for one last time, but after you run out your license time, you will not able to renew it as I disabled the buying options in website too.

If any of you want, I can renew the license for one month more, but THERE IS NO ANY GARANTIE that bot will work if the game gets a new update, and I will not able to pay back the money, its costs. You can find me at for this request.

Anyway, I'd like to thank you all your support, patience and kind words during this voyage, and wish you all the best in the future!

Pex - developer of FoErmer bot

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Exclamation Asking help from Community
Posted by: admin - 2017-07-23, 09:58 AM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

Hello botters!

Seems FoErmer had reach the "size" of active customers, and website toke a position when lots of people "feel" that this application maybe a virus/trojan/malware/adware, etc. 

Who knows my site, and development, this bot, knows that FoErmer is not such a threat. This why I'm asking you, all active user, that report FoErmer as a "false positive".
Whatever protecting software are you using, all companies have a submission page where you can upload FoErmer exe and set that it's not a virus/malware, set: it's a false positive. In this case FoErmer could be more and more getting in their whitelist database as not a threat.

All person who willing to do this and show me the answer-email of his/her submission as that particular av/malware protection software company considered FoErmer as not a threat

will give 1 month free full featured bot-license.

(you can send your answer email snippet to with your forum name and registered bot email address and a text in subject: FoErmer submission)

It's true, that using a bot is against Innogames policy, which is understandable due to it's a big advantage against other players. But using a bot (any bot) is NOT against law and with your help, we can make this project even further and more useful. 

Thank you for your cooperation!

ps.: can take this offer only once (of course if you willing to help after that, you can keep submission for FoEmer with every new update)

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Exclamation How can you buy bot license?
Posted by: admin - 2017-04-17, 09:10 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

You can visit bot's site HERE

(is it recommend to read the info properly, also check this related info HERE)

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Exclamation If you're getting registration error >>
Posted by: admin - 2017-01-21, 10:50 AM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

If you're getting Existed user with different e-mail address found or This e-mail belongs to another registered user:

Bot security and user's policy is the following:

one license/computer/email-address/month

In this case when you're getting these type of errors you have to consider the following:

  • you can run bot ON that computer only wherever you ran the bot first time, because bot will lock on that computer.
  • if you ran the bot once you have to use that exact email address always (on that particular PC)
  • This error could be shown when you changed your connection from ethernet type to WiFi, or vice-versa, or if you are using phone-modem internet connection. Also could be shown, when you run FoErmer from a USB drive....
  • May be shown if you are using laptop with different/portable hardware configurations. Also if you are running bot on virtual machine.
On the other hand, you can run as many bot instance as you want. For example if you have multiple FoE account, or cities, you can set bot (each in different folder) to that FoE's credentials to run for all of your cities.

What if you wanna lift your license-locking due to changing your computer, bought new hardware elements, etc.:

You can ask staff to reset your bot's lock, so you can run bot on another computer. Therefore next time you run bot, it will lock on that other PC.

You can ask this in every month ONCE.

How can I ask to lift my license-lock:
  • you have to email admin to lift the lock
  • you have to send registered bot email-address
  • you have to explain why are you asking it (I bought new computer, I wanna run bot on my private server, I bought new hardware in my PC, etc, etc...)
Send your registered bot email address, forum name and explanation to

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Lightbulb New experimental versions
Posted by: admin - 2016-12-27, 01:04 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (12)


As the name shows, this is experimental, like betas. It is HIGHLY recommended you test this with a new FoE account, in new "testing" city!
Experimental version may have more bugs, and could unexpected behavior, never use these version with your "main" acc/city!
Please, during testing, report all bugs, good/bad behaviors, happenings. Use forum's Bug reports thread.

Version 1.0.55e:
  • introducing experimental system for testing features (betas)
  • fixed multi-production buildings
  • added tavern related functions
           can check own tavern
           wait for full tavern
           collect tavern reward when tavern is full
           sit in friends's tavern
  • added auto accept friend invite requests
  • added sending random friend request to guild mates/neighbours
  • optimalizations

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